Jacksonville Process Servers put the "Pro" in the process of having your documents delivered, served, retrieved and or filed properly. All Florida process and delivery services are guaranteed We beat deadlines.

A.C.E. Policies for hiring, performing and finalizing services provided in Jacksonville.

Refund Policy

Since we provide you with time based informational, research, courier, process serving and investigative services there are NO refunds for services rendered. There are NO refunds after we receive your service request. All service must be prepaid. We accept all credit cards.

Company Policies

A. C. E., Inc. adheres to all laws and the highest standards of ethics and morals.

A. C. E., Inc. prides itself on performing honest and accurate services that are conditionally guaranteed.

All policies and laws governing our business activities are strictly enforced to better serve you.

Retrieving, locating and Ordering Courthouse records and information

Fees vary according to location, timing, expenses and the type of requested service. Fees for courthouse services are paid for in full regardless of the results. If the court or agency you directed us to cannot find your file that is no fault of ours. Therefore, the fee you agreed to pay guarantees us we will be paid for our time trying to assist you. When a file is found and when we are asked to obtain copies, please be advised the cost of the copies (expense) is added to the service fee agreed to.


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All information contained herein is subject to human error and omissions.

We try hard to offer the best information but do not guarantee it.

We are not affiliated with any other corporate entity.

We are A. C. E., Inc. Private Process Servers, Skip Tracers and Courthouse Couriers

We are not Attorneys. The information of this or any affiliated sites is not legal advice and should not be utilized to make legal decisions or opinions.

The disappointment of poor quality services and bad follow up will long be remembered after "cheaper fees" for services are forgotten. A. C. E., Inc services fees are reasonable and our services will exceed your requirements.

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Experienced Jacksonville Private Process Servers. We serve and deliver lawsuits; Subpoena's; Orders; Courtesy Copies; and, Demand and Notification Letters. Skip Tracing and Locating Defendants and Witnesses services for subjects in Jacksonville and throughout Florida are performed by a licensed Private Investigator in our corporate office (A9900347.) For more information and to speak with our P.I. please email us in confidence.